'Surface' BA Photography Showcase Publication

Izmir Kraja

The work that I produce is mainly in the minimalist style. For me when designing the form or look I believe this is determined solely by the idea. In the sense that I would not add extra “decoration” to improve the aesthetics of the design if it does not add something which would make it more successful. During my final semester at University of East London I was asked to design a photography catalogue for the 3rd year BA Photography students. This was designed to be displayed at their showcase event at Free Range (Old Truman's Brewery). I also got asked to designed a logo and banners that were used at this show which turned into a really interesting project for me. During the final year I also experimented with 3D modelling as it was something that I was interested in doing which I had never found time to do before. It was only near the end of my time at UEL that i started to get an inkling as to what I wanted to do when I finished. During Going Public at Level 6 (3rd year) we designed symbols that football players would be given as a punishment for braking the rules of the sport, such as match fixing etc. Working in a partnership what we produced were markers the players would wear. These would take the form of “Ugly” shapes, which would damage the image of the player and club as a mark of shame, and let people know what they have done. Each symbol would stand for a specific thing; racism, match fixing and doping etc. These symbols were made into badges which would be worn at all times as a mark of shame. We also created a phoenix badge which would represent redemption to show that the player had mended his ways.

I have currently been asked by the course to mentor current students through there studies.
If you would like to contact me, please email me izmirkraja@hotmail.com