'An Exhibition of Everyday Objects' part of my graduating body of work.

Raffaele Auriemma

Studying Graphic Design at the University of East London has developed the way I think, see and respond to things. I have advanced my interests in social, expressive and content driven design. Its provided me the opportunity to explore and experiment with various techniques designing for print, product and digital. This has led me to a better understanding of the means of communications in our modern world. I now understand that designers are the people that manage, communicate and are responsible for the content, context and visual form it takes.

With experience freelancing as Graphic Designer using photography, print and with a particular interest in typography and layout, I strive to keep on learning and working towards better and more effective ways of communication.

I have currently been asked by the course to mentor current students through their studies.

If you would like to contact me, please email me.