Alter Ego

Cemal Agdelen

Coming into this world of design has been an amazing experience. I have learnt so much, not only about aspects of the aesthetics that we live and work in but also on a personal level. The way I think now has changed drastically from the time where I wasn’t on this course at UEL.

Being consumed by what the design world holds has been a major factor on my everyday life. Whether it is a poster on a train or someone’s trainers on their feet, I cannot help but go through a bit of judgmental queries on why they chose that font? Or why did he buy those trainers? Why did they decide to put a woman on a car commercial? This is what my mind has now been attached to doing and yes it is extremely annoying.

In the future I am hoping that no matter what work I do or what field I go into, all I wish is that it has my personality and my attitude flowing through the work. I think that is my USP. Bringing out the brighter side of life.