"Quoteth" A Poster, Billboard series and T - Shirt collection.

Danielle Holt

"Snowy, flowy, blowy, showery, flowery, bowery, hoppy, droppy, croppy, breezy, sneezy, freezy." The twelve months - Sir Gregory Gander.

As my quote was about the twelve months, I decided to look into the colour analysis on the 18th century, to depict what colours they would relate to, compared to the new and brighter colours that we have today. As the quote is a childish and playful quote, using his 'personality' aspects I focussed on colours and playful typography. I knew I had to make sure the typography was accurate, within the sense of type size and typeface when designing to portray his personality through my design. After vigorous research on George Ellis, I had created a Poster, a Billboard and T - Shirt series. I had gained influence from 18th Century writing styles and literature from both the French and English. I wanted to collaborate both of these styles into my work but at the same time relate it to today’s weather and how the public would perceive the information today.

As a designer I see my prime purpose as to not be inside my own head but to be inside the heads of people at the receiving end of what I am proposing. That is what is one of the prime attributes of good information and advertising. It never forgets the audience and the complexities of that audience. I'm interested in people, the possibilities and addresses that are reaching to different types of group and people. Good communication across different social groups is part of a fabric of holding society together.