Kiss Me Quick

Ilkay Kurt

Graphic design is a creative, thoughtful profession. Every day is different, every project is a fresh challenge to get better. It’s an opportunity for me to explore and express my creativity and imagination. I get to define who I am, share my ideas freely, communicate my thoughts and solve problems in a visual format.

I find myself thinking differently about the world around me. I’m constantly looking and observing and so in that sense I’m constantly designing and developing. There are always new technology and trends… A creative mind never stops learning.

I like to push myself and produce the best work I can. As designers, we get to make a difference in the world and my goal is to create an environment where people feel comfortable and happy.

Currently I work in a graphic design office as a junior graphic designer. Working with so many different clients has given me an interesting perspective. It has inspired me to become a minimalist.