Sending a Flair

Karim Cardoso

Peter Gould is a graphic designer we had chosen to send our flair to. He was originally from Australia but travels all over the world. He reverted to Islam in 2002 and since then his work has been greatly influenced by the religion. I admire his dedication to help the young muslim youth by creating lots of new ways to interact and facilitate a muslims obligation like finding solutions on carrying a container that could be used to do ablution.

Since he reverted to islam, we thought we could make a prayer mat as this is vital for every muslim for their 5 daily prayers. We researched materials and patterns to use alongside colours but it took awhile and we didnt have much time. We went ahead with making a book about Peter Goulds interests like the places he had been too and other relevant things. We stalked his social media for awhile and monitored what he has been up to and based our book on that. I would say the project came out successfully as we both worked together to finish the book.