Kayleigh knight

"When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I've never tried before" - Mae West

Mae west was an American actress, singer, screenwriter, comedian and sex symbol during 1800's. A woman who wasn't afraid to be controversial and daring. With this, I began researching in depth about West herself in which I found out that my given quote was first said in one of her films 'Klondike Annie'. Therefore, I found the two typefaces used on the film cover and used these in my design. After gathering all the research I needed, i was then able to think about the design of the products (T-shirt, Billboard and Poster).

I designed a logo with the word 'Evil' mirroring and overlapping in representation of the words "two evils". I screen printed the logo over both colour tones on the T-shirt but the words in the middle were separated by the two tones allowing the two words to fall into a different colour of the T-shirt. This was to represent that the evils are different from each other as the quote says "I always like to try the one I've never tried before" suggesting there is a different evil existing other than the one she's already tried. I chose a red and black T-shirt as the film cover was Red, Black, Yellow and White along with the colour theme of most of her other film covers too. Once the logo was designed, it was easy to create the billboard and the poster as I feel the logo is strong enough to talk for itself along with her name.

As a designer, I like to look through the cracks of the projects. I like to analyse what i'm doing to the smallest details to allow me to produce good work. I feel this is an important aspect of design as I have learned throughout the years of arts that everything is much better when there is a reason. Whether the reason is visible or not, I believe the amount of research put into a project allows you to think of better and more successful ideas.