1000 Units Per Em

Leeshani Perera

This project started with splitting the class into three smaller groups. Each of these groups given a different brief and a tutor to lead. It’s based on a first come first served approach, and I chose Andrew Osman’s 1000 Units per Em Project.

We used Glyphs application which is primarily a tool for designing and producing new font. The samples of letters given to trace over and practise. Theses characters are included to provide an indication of height and overshoot and collected from different point sizes that we need to scale up to Cap height in Glyphs and then interpret the difference in weight to match what we have already drawn. After completing the required letters of the font, then exported it from each student to make a poster as a complement to the type design workshop. This project is where I found myself entirely focused on something that I enjoyed to the fullest. Working with Glyphs was a real adventure and a significant start to my very first technical drawing.

I don't want to think my way to creative work, but I realised my work is the way to creative thinking. I became more passionate about type design after creating a typeface for the first time. The simple geometric hand drawn typeface I did for the first year holiday project was such an influence for me to believe myself. This kind of projects and work I enjoy doing are often indicate skills I naturally enjoy. One of the elements that enriched my experiences is Type design, where I discovered my strongest area in Graphic Design.Learning through difficulties and challenging tasks, I came to understand there is no such thing as boring projects but only boring executions. I overcame sticking to basic by brainstorming different ideas and experimenting new methods to execute work distinctively. It is such an achievement to create a simple design that brings the elegance out of the ordinary.

I take every challenge as a lesson, every mistake as an advantage to step forward and learn more skills as much as possible. All the difficulties I encountered taken me into different directions of thinking and making decisions. As a designer, I learned that I don't need to have a style to myself as my work solely being an expansion of who I am.