D Factor - 80’s Graphic Design

Moeen Moghal

Graphic design, to me, is all about making a statement, gaining interest and grasping the attention of your intended audience. Therefor on this project i decided to take inspiration from the 80s as i believe some of the graphics produced in this era was very successful in grabbing the attention of audiences, even now, we are seeing this style reinvented and slowly becoming a trend called “Modern” Retro in the graphic design world.

The design style of the 80s really focused more on bright fluorescent colours, neon lights and electro futurism graphics inspired by new computer technology, One key trait of this visual style was a “digital look,” which hit the film world in particular with its prevalence of grids, sci-fi-evoking motifs and computer-font-based graphic text. The cover art for the Tron soundtrack, the opening credits of The Terminator and the trailer for the film D.A.R.Y.L. illustrate the digital graphic design style really well and it is where i got most of my inspiration from.

I truly believe the 80s design trends are coming back in full force. I am sure you have heard the saying “everything old is new again.” The same can be said about design and design trends. While the medium might change, many of the old styles can come back into fashion.

Below you will find the track and music video to go with the project which i produced using after effects and logic pro x from scratch, both having a similar 80s theme as i talked about above.