Everyday Objects

Olawale Kudus

Someone once asked me what sort of designer I was, my reply was “IMPRUDENT” imprudent in the sense that I mostly don’t stick to a brief or do exactly what I’ve been asked to do, I do what I feel is right then deal with the consequence after. Been at university has thought me to explore other ideas and not just stick to my main idea of what I think will work. I can now say with confident that my attitude towards design has completely changed

Consumable Object: A consumable object is a functional object whose use to the planner is reduced after it performs its function. Going by this definition, it can be argued that an application is a consumable object. Information on how to lose weight is consumed through the App daily and when the user of the App finally loses weight, in most cases, stops using the App.

Name of Application:
Lose weight without dieting

Harmonic Soft

Lose weight without dieting is an application that motivates users to eat less, be active and lose weight. The application enables users to record their food intake, exercise regime, body measurements and food values. In the words of the developers “it is an easy to use calorie counter that provides you with a fun and comfortable way to lose weight”. If you eat a meal, the App will tell you whether the meal is healthy or not, it will also calculate calories, proteins, fats and carbs, in a case where the user forgets to record any meals, the app will remind the user.

We would create a webpage to catalogue ours and everyone else’s object, the webpage would work like an APP store, users would be able to click on any of the objects listed in the APP and it would take them to another page with the description of the object.