ReThink the Future

Sophia Sargeant

I contribute a sense of depth through design, in order to communicate knowledge. Design is a language that spectators listen to and I utilise my skills to this advantage. I aim for my works to have meaning; purpose, as if I create something that matters, then I feel as though I am making a difference in the world for the better. Creativity and intellect are two skills that I aspire to obtain, as together they are powerful things and I am always eager to learn and grow. I use my work to augment my voice as a way to tackle issues and problems, by exposing them in order to welcome a dialogue. My final works tend to have a polished, sleek aesthetic; but upon further inspection often have flaws due to their hand crafted nature adding more personality and soul to my pieces. Design is entering into unexplored territories due to the evolution of contemporary culture and technology - I’m excited to explore this new media and see what the future means for design.

I currently freelance as a mid-weight Graphic Designer for a variety of clients including Karen Millen, Scholastic Publishing and Soho Theatre. My most humbling experience was being able to physically view my work on 5th Avenue in New York City and to be able to produce content for charities and do-good organisations such as Respect for Animals and Models of Diversity.

Feel free to view more of my works at and to contact me via”