Thileepan Thangeswaran

In my poster i describe the word OM. OM is one of the most important spiritual symbols in the hinduism religion. The word OM in tamil we write with the letter of vowel and consonant this is just a pranava birth. it is all in the world the living organism , preserve formalting.
the gods of each of those religions which had been considered as the sound of pranava u+m in the christian religion '' Aumann''
The words OM when you pronounce your body organs of each of us many of us unwittingly ( it is like goosbumps ) OM is the " onkaravativam''.
It is A, U, M, is composed of the characters which are respectively,camas the vedas.
The vedas said " the sound A represents the waking state, the U represents the dream state and the sound M represent the deep sleep when someone spell OM, it gives peace and calm to our body.