D Factor

Vitor Monteiro

I personally found this project really fun, shame we didn’t have more similar projects during the year.
As my vinyl music was sort of a mix of various instruments, when I was thinking what to do for the vinyl cover,
I thought on at least whatever I do, has to have a meaning of “Mix” then some how I will find the rest.
I wanted to have a unique piece of work and somehow make it look like a piece of art.
So I started taking pictures of objects and people but it didn’t seem to be what I really wanted, so I started taking
pictures about myself, (not full body pictures) but close up pictures of parts of me.
After taking all the pictures, I imported everything to photoshop and there I started to put together the puzzle,
and thats how the hand and the face combined immerse.

I love black colour, and the many projects we had I hardly had a chance to use a black background.
Everyone has their own opinion but personally I think it looks like art.
The music video is not finished has an effect that makes an object or image bounce with the rhythm of the song.
For now is just a mockup, later I will update the final piece, where the background image (photo taken from my flat) will
bounce and change colour at the rhythm go the music, the flying balls will change colour and move at the same rhythm
too and add two more bright colours to the logo music bounce effect.