Sending a Flare

Zuleka Rahman

It took a while to find someone that we truly felt inspired by, me and my partner decided to choose Peter Gould as the designer we send our work to. I immediately felt inspired by looking at his work and by reading about his journey in life. We also felt relatable as he is a graphic designer and has a passion for Islamic art and culture. Peter Gould was a new designer I discovered whilst researching about artists.

For the flare we decided to create work that Peter Gould was influenced by and surrounded himself in. By following him on social media we discovered he loved travelling to different places and had an admiration for architecture and buildings. By looking at the work he creates, we saw he combines a lot of abstract patterns and Islamic art into his work. Therefore, me and my partner focused on drawing many patterns and buildings by hand, which we then further worked on by doing printing techniques and edited digitally. We also inputed his likes and hobbies in general such as Star Wars drawings as we discovered he's a fan.

We finally printed all our work into a specific square size and chose quality paper. We created a book by hand by doing our own binding using bolts. Overall I was happy with the way the book turned out as we put a lot of effort in the attention to detail. I like the originality of the book as we used traditional hand made methods which makes it authentic and gives quality.