Arion Mehmeti

Life is like a box filled with a highly radioactive substance. Lets say Radium. The substance is decaying at a phenomenal speed, unknown to us until we open the box. This is similar to the Schrödinger's cat thought experiment. The substance is decaying and alive at the same time until we open the box and find out for ourselves. Which is called Quantum Superposition. The two superimpose because one collapses the other, yet the other is still relevant. Schrödinger devised that idea because he wanted to shatter the concept of reality and possibilities being spontaneous based on the observer. However, what he didn't realise at the time is that he was proving the Copenhagen Interpretation this whole time. The Copenhagen Interpretation states that observing and measuring particles will not allow them to form their proper state. What Schrödinger was doing was measuring, and setting up the death of a cat through measurements. He placed the cat in a steel chamber, set up a Geiger counter with radioactive decaying atoms which inevitably will decay and release the hammer-trap which breaks the flask of poison killing, the cat.

Life is not the cat, poison, hammer, decaying atom or any of those objects. It is about the theory... We cannot measure what we can achieve, things go slow, things go fast but in all actuality according to the speed of light at 99.99%, we are all going at the same speed. Not faster... Not slower... So keep going, keep pushing, keep achieving, because one day that opportunity will come and you will be ready for it.