Tools of the trade

The following list gives you an idea of the type of equipment you will need during your studies and beyond in Graphic Design. The items can vary greatly in cost. These may not be the cheapest versions but are the ones we feel we can recommend. Think of this list as a guide.

Graphic Design equipment:

Many of the items can be bought in John Smiths shop on campus.


  • Mac / PC Laptop Computer
    Apple provide 10% discount on computers and 50% off Applecare which I recommend to students as it would cover the machine if anything goes wrong. Buying through the online education store can sometimes be cheaper than the apple stores.
  • USB Drive
    Spend a few pounds more on a good quality branded USB stick. Every year students loose work on low quality cheap USB sticks - Don't risk it
  • Hard Drive to back up/achieve your digital work



  • – Video Training for software
    Students at UEL get unlimited access to thousands of video courses in software and creative skills. makes it easy to learn skills on-demand with unlimited access to expert led courses. This compliments software teaching in class.