Going Public Level 5

The module is designed to coalesce and build on skills and practices taught in the first year. Learning gradually moves away from individual practice to testing collaborative methodologies in a number of group exercises and projects. Emphasis is given to promote individual reflection upon personal performance within the group to meet the challenges of successful negotiation and to manage dynamics of effective collaboration. Throughout the module, students document and reflect their individual experience in a learning journal, which constitutes both the individuals professional practice and the collective practice in the project and outcomes achieved.

You are expected to deliver as per the requests in the project brief(s). Along with this you will be expected to keep documentation of every step and keep a learning journal. This should, as design students, manifest itself in a beautifully produced documentation of this module and your work. Your thoughts and assessment of the journey you take through this module will be the basis of your mark.

As a large part of this module will entail group work. I will point out that you shall always be required to document the outcomes as an individual, assessing the advantages of working as part of a team, reflecting on the Pro’s and Con’s and being constructive with your assessment.

25% of you mark will be based on the beautifully produced documentation of this module (Learning Journal). It must demonstrate investment of 78 practice hours.

75% of your mark will be based on the project and supporting work. It must demonstrate investment of 237 practice hours.

Learning Outcomes

  • Research and identify appropriate career paths for employability and /or entrepreneurship
  • Analyse and develop own skillsets and competencies for working in the creative industries
  • Research, propose and develop an action plan that is designed to achieve successful professional development,
  • Initiate, develop and report on collaborative group projects that undertake ambitious lines of enquiry.
  • Engage in and reflect on the collective development of projects through negotiation with peers
  • Identify, initiate and follow up communication with organisations / employers / industry using appropriate communication techniques and protocols.