This is What We Can Achieve In A Day

This Is What We Can Achieve In A Day: Workshop Series

Tuesday 3rd October,
In the Mac Lab. Room now: WB.1.26
Don't be late we have a lot to squeeze in?

Workshop One: Virtual Reality

Your last year is here, and a year is a very short amount of time– but, even shorter than a year is twenty-four hours. On Tuesday at 10am we’ll be starting the first of three workshops in learning new technical skills and exploring what can be achieved in one day.

These new skills will prepare you for up coming project(s) so please don't miss them.

The first workshop will be taught by Leon and will be a crash course in Unity ( and Virtual Reality ( You’ll need to bring your laptops, if you have them, and be prepared for a full intensive session. We’re starting the year with skill based learning workshops so you’ll be able to carry skills over into your Negotiated Body of Work later on, so stay attentive!

Please register the following sites beforehand:

Those of you that have laptops could you install Unity3D beforehand. Its free for students.